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August 2021

now optimised for smartphones

please note: this video is currently at Ltress Patreon (until strictly 17th September)

so it is much better value to join Ltress Patreon !

next update approx15 September2021

everything saveable !

this is August 

update Tuesday 17th August 

Sanwei !

Sanwei inverse braid pull through

BEST Patreon so far ! Rare - almost never seen Sanwei video plus highlights SLO-MO

Filmed in London

Patreon  addition wednesday 25th August now live

(at 9:06am)

video (HD 16 minutes 1.8GB)  - 2 versions 

Hu Di hair crashes on the table with original sound

some videos (including Tia "twin knots") leaving Ltress Patreon on Wednesday 1st September 

rare 4 minute Sanwei video

plus same one with music

"Sanwei makes a chignon while on the white chair"

added to Ltress Patreon at 21:00 Friday 29th July 2021

in 3 days time (1st August) a stunning rare Wang Wenwen 16 minute video at Ltress Patreon

Wanwen was one of many Chinese models who modelled for Ltress long before HuDi

she has very long and completely silky hair and looks very cute !

these early Chines models  will feature in Ltress Patreon in the coming year

Ltress'  TikTok
.............. Ltress_Temptress

best way to support Ltress is to ......

ltress patreeon main info.png

full details of Ltress' Patreon is back at the June Edition

Ltress'  TikTok
.............. Ltress_Temptress
double braid.png

video is 2 minutes 16 seconds 

video is  only 19 seconds at Ltress_Temptress TikTok

to be fair to existing Ltress Patreon members the material will strictly only last 7 weeks

once its gone most of the material will be gone forever !!!


ALL purchases including Patreom membership go towards membership of Ltress' GOLD CLUB

details of  Ltress' GOLD CLUB in the October Edition 


in order for Ltress to search (and pay !) for new  beautiful long hair models please consider making a purchase or purchases from this page


currently Ltress is producing MASSES of beautiful long hair material via both Patreon and the Gold Clubs 

its the most productive that Ltress has been in 20 years !


to be a part of that, please consider a purchase or purchases

remember Ltress Patreon is producing beautiful material every 4 days

often 1 days long hair material (often many videos and images) takes 6 hours to produce 

there is a HUGE amount of material in Ltress Patreon

and its something to look forward to EVERY 4 days !

MAGNIFICENT silky long hair - beautifully shown off - find her account at Ltress Tiktok

currently it is  24 videos down (on Tuesday 27th July) out of thousands 


Ltress is greatly reducing its effort in





their constant "shadowbanning" in order to push their adverts is making effort on those platforms almost worthless

concentration in the production of long hair material from now on is

Ltress.Uk 5%

Ltress Patreon 85%

Ltress Gold club 20%

Ltress Tiktok 3%

Ltress Youtube 1%

Ltress Instagram 0.5% 

that adds up to more than 100%

but I am sure you will get my drift!


4 minutes of Sanwei - STUNNING !

THANKYOU for visiting Ltress !

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