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Ltress.UK   ..........   xxxxxx  2023 
Februay Edition approx 8th February 2023
march  2023 template
EVERY video (except thumbnails and youtube videos) and images are saveable
to save ..... see further down

"Ltress_Temptress ... more Temptress than Ltress" :)

lot of chat at the 12th November Ltress Patreon update

wix now allows images to be saved as the original png (not webm)

wix doesnt allow the saving of videos

but for videos I have added thumbnails to the side to save them

allowing all videos to be saved is 3/4 of the effort in producing this page 


and with sound !


 "Ltress_Temptress ... more Temptress than Ltress" :) ........    continued

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