latest update - saturday 25th february 2017
this is the FEBRUARY 2017 EDITION
LTRESS has many videos on a page
- it is very DATA INTENSIVE
- it is therefore not suitable for MOBILES unless connected to Wifi
next update wednesday march 1st february
3 pictures above from TLHS long hair site from wayback
TLHS was the first (and a great ) Long Hair site
starting before Ltress (ie before 2002)
(it sadly closed in 2007)
please remember - is nolonger being used
the February edition is currently being split into 2 or 3 pages to reduce download times
this will be done on all future editions
new !
this is entry 8 of Ltress' playlist (all with great music)
Jane Seymour in James Bond "Live and Let Die"
more beautiful long hair scenes from the film soon
valeria sokolova
valeria sokolova
hong's magnificent mane bouncing to  great music from J Lo !
if you wish, set the music playing on this youtube video  while you browse the page - nice !
further down
1025 views in just over 2 days - that's a record for Ltress!
videos below - here's how they work....
hover over the video play button
you must then MOVE AWAY !
be careful not to "fire off" another video as you are moving "out of the way" :)
only 1 video plays at a time
if a video is paused by this method - it remembers where you left off when you return
GO fire off those great videos !
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