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Ltress.UK   ..........   February  2023 
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Ltress Patreon update added 14th March 2023

extremely long hair, EXTREMELY THICK HAIR, extremely SILKY Hair - on a slim model - stunningly Beautiful

the BIGGEST update ever ! (since June 2021)

21 videos

including slow mo and zooming in 

and all 21 videos in one
long 12 minute video - stunning to watch

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 2nd May 2023

this page being updated today wednesday 8th  march - 


my first almost 10 minute video posted to Tiktok this week (8 march)

repeated here atLtress.UK so you can save it

funny at 6:23 when the lights come on as if she has magical powers !

bet you watch it all !

Ltress Patreon update added 7th March 2023 22:25pm

2 Sanwei videos "DOUBLE TROUBLE" :)

video  1 "blue jeans dancing

video 5 minutes 07 seconds

"blue jeans dancing" SLO-MO 

video 8 minutes 34 seconds


video  2 "The sound of her hair crashing down the back of the chair"

video 5 minutes 31 seconds

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 25th April 2023
Ltress Patreon update added 1st March 2023

Beyond floor length
this model has way longer than floor length long hair !

gorgeous to see it all draped over the sofa

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 19th April 2023
Una Lyn recently added to Ltress' Tiktok

OMG ! what a braid !


lot of chat at the 12th November Ltress Patreon update

coming soon

wix now allows images to be saved as the original png (not webm)

wix doesnt allow the saving of videos

but for videos I have added thumbnails to the side to save them

allowing all videos to be saved is 3/4 of the effort in producing this page 


from "Ltress_Temptress ... more Temptress than Ltress" :)

this will feature every month mostly at the bottom of the page and will be added to during the month - enjoy!

 "Ltress_Temptress ... more Temptress than Ltress" :) ........    continued

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