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Ltress.UK   ..........     December 2022 
January Edition soon 
Happy NEW YEAR   from Ltress !!!

1,031,969 views Apr 11, 2007

Ltress December 2020 Edition - almost 100 videos of the STUNNING Chinese BEAUTY "Echo"

Ltress Indian model -over 1 million views

Piyali was Ltress' 2nd Indian long hair model approx 2002

to save ..... see further down

her hair being held high

at approx 14 seconds 


Ltress Patreon update sunday 1st  January  at 23:57

"Hu DI one of her first videos for Ltress - siting on the rocks brushing her hair - hair looped at the back - back view of her walking along the street with "rara dress" - RAW FOOTAGE - nothing editted - original sound video 6 minutes 36 seconds - very pretty  ! !

"the second part with her in the salon will be the January 6th update

her hair is styed into a "ponytail dropping chignon"

the footage has remained UNSEEN for at least 6 years !"

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 20th February 2023



from "Ltress_Temptress ... more Temptress than Ltress" :)

this will feature every month mostly at the bottom of the page and will be added to during the month - enjoy!

irina 8mins.png

still available until after xmas  - at Ltress Patreon

sunday 18 december 

ltress patreon update at 23:02

19 minute long hair video - gorgeous silky and VERY HEAVY braid - stunning video - one of the best so far - out of over 100 Ltress Patreon updates !

Ltress Patreon update monday 12th December at 23:28pm

"Nika maroon dress - studio positioning video 10 minutes - some UNSEEN - 10 minute video from the Ltress Archive"

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 12th January 2023


video of this perfect ponytail below

wix now allows images to be saved as the original png (not webm)

wix doesnt allow the saving of videos

but for videos I have added thumbnails to the side to save them

allowing all videos to be saved is 3/4 of the effort in producing this page 


admiring the floor length mane !