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Ltress June 2021 Edition

latest  Ltress Patreon added "one of the silkiest manes ever seen ! - 9 videos plus 8 minute composite video"

Saturday 17th July at 11:02am  new Ltress Patreon post added       

( a new post ever 4 days)   

"Nika in the Library making a long twisted high ponytail while on the sofa"

video 5 minutes


1 minute sample

Friday 9th July 10 Echo videos uploaded to Ltress Patreon a total of 29 minutes !


uploaded today for PATREON MEMBERS  28 MINUTES of Echo videos

normal Ltress Tiktok videos are 12 SECONDS !


100 images including 1 zip file with all 100 images added to Ltress Patreon 13th July


my message to Patreon members just now 11am wednesday 14 July .....

the next 100 images (I try really hard to find ones I dont think you have ever seen) will be mid October - also I am planning a similar one "best 50 videos" again gorgeous long hair videos I dont think you will have seen - but thats a LOT of work- but it will be worth it - hopefully October or November - it will soon arrive :)

Sanwei her voice and being Directed 
and highlights in slo-mo 


Nika "on the bed"   8 minute video on 21st June 2021

currently available

available at Ltress Patreon until August 13th 2021

Ltress Patreon  will show videos from Tia, Nika, Hong,Van Hoai and Hudi  and a huge number of Ltress models !

Ltress gave VNL monthly contracts for Hong, Van and Hoai to show off their INCREDIBLE long manes
the contract lasted for years

Ltress also gave HuDi monthly contracts to show of her incredible prettiness and amazing long thick silky hair

again for years and years

Sanwei (still Ltress' most popular model) modelled for Ltress  for YEARS and YEARS

CAN YOU IMAGE the AMOUNT of material languishing on over 20 hard disks spanning 20 years


lots of never seen -  BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE !

Ltress Patreon will start to release the BEST of this hidden material via this NEW PATREON SITE

its all for less than the cost of  2 StarBucks Coffees and some sort of unheathly muffin :(

please give joining careful consideration

Ltress will be reducing its output at Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram as they are all employing "shadowbanning" to promote their advertising revenue - regardless of quality of creations 

currently available

ALL your Ltress Payments go towards membership of Ltress' GOLD CLUB

a VERY GOOD reason for joining Ltress Patreon !

GOLD CLUB MEMBERSHIP explained in the October Edition
to be fair to existing Ltress Patreon members the material will strictly only last 7 weeks

once its gone most of the material will be gone forever !!!


Tia "Double Knots" exclusive at Ltress Patreon


Ltress never gained permission to show Tia at Youtube from Tia's agent

It was 18 years ago in the early days of youtube


MUCH of Tia's exceptional material has remained UNSEEN for 18 years !

now at Ltress Patreon her material can be seen regularly

work in progress spreadsheet to determine what will be offered to Ltress Patreon members EVERY 4 DAYS! 


HuDi- her early years - 7 minutes

currently available

only until July 21st


currently available

latest Patreon Post 

VNL double Bun drop

plus HIGHLIGHTS and Slo-Mo

next post  Thursday 17th June


Nika in the Library

Ltress have many,  MANY Nika videos

they will feature regularly at Ltress' Patreon


this beautiful 13 minute video featuring Hong and Van is due at Ltress Patreon on June 17th


this Double Bun drop from VNL many many years ago is one of the best bun drops EVER

2 heavy and massively silky buns drop 1 immediately after the other as the model shakes her head !

next at Ltress Patreon

Ltress'  TikTok
.............. Ltress_Temptress

ALL Ltress_Temptress

TikTok videos can be saved at TikTok

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