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September 2021

next update approx 10 October 2021

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monday  13th September (23:50pm UK time)

this is one of the most beautiful manes ever seen at Ltress - huge volume - gorgeous style and MEGA silky and stunningly flaunted !!!

there are 10 videos and the equivalent videos in SLO- MO

plus the model's Tiktok and Instagram links 

It has taken 3 days to produce !

hope you enjoy

10 minutes long   (slo-mo 20 minutes long )

every video with music

next patreon posting in 4 days on Friday 17 September

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thursday  9th September (10pm UK time)

Hu Di Hair UNSEEN footage AFTER her famous "Hair over 1 Eye" video - more hair over 1 eye with beautiful tails (one a high ponytail) and so much hair its almost impossible to see her face ! - a GORGEOUS ALMOST 10 MINUTE VIDEO - never ever seen before

I had totally forgotten I had this footage !!!

it will go on sale soon for non- Patreon members for £9

after doing an amazing amount of modelling for the first part of "Hair over 1 eye" she went on to do this further modelling

she was MASSIVELY tired

cruelly I have left in a HUGE YAWN towards the end of the video :)

thanks to doing Patreon I found this footage

else it would have disappeared for ever !


9 minutes 27 seconds


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sunday 5th September (9pm UK time)

Ltress Chinese videoshoot: Huang Rong long hair (mega silky) bottom curled then divided into 3 tails - includes a lot of sound of the heavy tails being crashed onto the back of the leather chair

10 minutes long 

nolonger available at Ltress Patreon

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wednesday 1st September (10pm UK time)

2 pages of long hair art


containing one of the longest and the most beautifully drawn mega -silky long hair ever - the girls hair is this is WAY WAY WAY beyond floor length

zip file on each page 

last picture on the first page is just STUNNING for its length and silkiness

makes floor length hair look short !

nolonger available at Ltress Patreon

ltress patreeon main info.png

Diana - "DianaLongHair"

Echo at Ltress


tags: LTRESS longhair mila HUGE double buns


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