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Ltress.UK   ..........   May 2023 
June  Edition approx 8th June 2023
please notice Ltress will soon have 
2 shops !

explanation below
the new Ltress GOLD CLUB will be launched in the next 2-3 weeks

how it will work  ..........
members (see below how to be a member) will receive regular 
"Ltress GOLD CLUB magazines" by email

they will contain .......

access to the NEW exclusive
"Ltress GOLD CLUB shop"

this will eventually contain a LOT of the old Ltress Patreon updates 

there have been between 4 and 6 Patreon updates every month for 2 years (starting June 2021)

thats a whopping 120 videos of long hair beauties - many many very rare

videos will cost on average a tiny £1.60

but please remember access is only to GOLD CLUB MEMBERS !!!

this is a HUGE backlog of long hair material

new material will be added and again for the tiny sum of approximately £1.60 for say an 8 minute video of an outstanding longhair beauty

also - long hair news and features and rare finds 


unseen (and or rarely seen) videos from the past,

ie Tia, Sanwei, Nika, Hong and Van and Hoai , Hudi, Wang Wen wen, Penny Lynn and Debra Jo Fondren (who modelled for Ltress on many occasions (very thick silky waist length hair, sadly not knee length)

and Ltress' 1st model (in 2002) ,Valerie, massively silky hair and world first bun drop !

also Irina and Mila etc etc etc

links to a models social media always given where known


a LOT of focus will be on the generation of AI longhair beauties

- the AI engines to produce them
- the EXACT  text to generated particular imagess


how to become a GOLD CLUB member


ALL past PATREON MEMBERS will automatically be GOLD CLUB members for LIFE!

(irrespective of how long or short your Patreon membership was)

this is Ltress' way of saying a massive THANKYOU

you dont have to do anything - you will start recieving (by email) the regular "Ltress GOLD CLUB magazines" 


every one else

simply spend a total of £10 in the Ltress Shop - see below) during May. June or July and you will be a GOLD CLUB member until June 2024

you will automatically be notified in approx 24-48 hours

you will then automatically be emailed the latest Gold Club Magazines

3 longhaire images ltress gold club.png
gold club high ponytail.png

here is a sample of how it will work

this video was a Patreon update 

it has 20 separate videos of this longhair beauty

including normal mode and SLO-MO

there is a 12 minute video of all 20 videos combined


the video will soon be for sale in the GOLD CLUB MEMBERS shop for £1.85

ai generated blonde beauty long blonde hair  ltress goldclub.png
ai generated highponytail 2 ltress goldclub copy.png

Ltress' 1000's  of AI generated long hair beauties will soon be added to the Ltress GOLD Club via its new magazines

please check back here regularly for further details 

ai generated gorgeous high ponytail  ltress goldclub.png
ai generated long blonde loose curls beauty ltress goldclub.png
ai generated.png

the Ltress shop is back !


first 4 pages (10 models per page)


Highlights from Ltress' May TikTok (Ltress_Temptress)

more "Temptress" than "Ltress" :)



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