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june 2002 - january 2017
this is the JANUARY 2017 EDITION
Cindy Christian's floor length silky long blonde hair !
LTRESS has many videos on a page
- it is very DATA INTENSIVE
- it is therefore not suitable for MOBILES unless connected to Wifi
Ltress' first chinese model  - video added today (friday 27 jan)
please remember - is nolonger being used
best to set one of the 3 youtube videos below running
(if you want to, you can click the "youtube" icon to set running in a new tab)
- that way you get great music playing whilst you see the rest of the site
- the sanwei music is the best :)
Ltress' 2 hour 34 videos playlist at youtube
- all with GREAT MUSIC ! simply search "ltress playlist" 
or just click here ! ..........
this starts at video 6
there are currently  34 videos in Ltress' Playlist
ALL with great music !
full size images february 1st !
videos below - here's how they work....
hover over the video play button
be careful not to "fire off" another video as you are moving "out of the way"  :)
only 1 video plays at a time
if a video is paused by this method - it remembers where you left off when you return
good luck !
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