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latest update - saturday 25th february 2017
this is the FEBRUARY 2017 EDITION
LTRESS has many videos on a page
- it is very DATA INTENSIVE
- it is therefore not suitable for MOBILES unless connected to Wifi
next update wednesday march 1st february
3 pictures above from TLHS long hair site from wayback
TLHS was the first (and a great ) Long Hair site
starting before Ltress (ie before 2002)
(it sadly closed in 2007)
new !
this is entry 8 of Ltress' playlist (all with great music)
previous edition (december 2016)
previous edition (january 2017)
valeria sokolova
valeria sokolova
hong's magnificent mane bouncing to  great music from J Lo !
if you wish, set the music playing on this youtube video  while you browse the page - nice !
further down
videos below - here's how they work....
hover over the video play button
you must then MOVE AWAY !
be careful not to "fire off" another video as you are moving "out of the way" :)
only 1 video plays at a time
if a video is paused by this method - it remembers where you left off when you return
GO fire off those great videos !
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