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 March edition
viktorija Jukonytė 
previous edition - february
ones before that via "archive" in the menu
viktorija Jukonytė  - MAGNIFICENT ULTRA LONG hair !
new !
playing this youtube video will run through the LTRESS PLAYLIST in order 
currently 36 videos lasting  over 90 minutes !
- to SELECT videos - click the link above on the left "36 GREAT videos"
LTRESS has many videos on a page
- it is very DATA INTENSIVE
- it is therefore not suitable for MOBILES unless connected to Wifi
viktorija bun drop - ULTRA SLO-MO

it's possible to set all 3 videos above, of Viktorija's magnificent mane, going at once 

you can't do that on youtube !

you may want to mute 2 of the sound tracks  

the stunningly beautiful Ekaterina Koba
is on OVERFLOW page 1

instagram - the STUNNING Elena Gorodechnaya 
image below can be magnified
image below can be magnified
elana gorodechnaya beautiful long blonde hair ltress
image above can be magnified

Leanne (leanne22) - owner of a stunning  long blonde mane

newly added !
if you wish, set the music playing on this youtube video  while you browse the page
on Chrome 
Ctrl - scroll wheel - makes the page smaller
Ltress has over 16 MILLION views at youtube
with 1 video with over 1 MILLION views
Ltress' beautiful Indian model - Piyali
"Piyali - makes a phone call "
highest number over monthly views EVER in Ltress' 15 year history
over 80,000 a month equivalent to almost 1 million a year!
the stunningly beautiful Dinara Rkh
- beautiful beyond waist length hair too !
Dinara's  Instagram - 284k followers !
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