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patreon update just released

out of over 72 updates so far this could be the best ever !!

took 3 days to create 

possibly the worlds most beautiful hair

tuesday 16 aug 18:20pm

the ENORMOUS backlog of Ltress Patreon updates (over 80 updates) will start to be available to purchase by existing Patreon members who may have missed them - including past "EXTREME ALLURES"



purchase of Ltress videos is not available for the next few weeks

after that they will ONLY be available in the future for Ltress Patreon members 

the link will be available each month in the BONUS "daily" feature - which is exclusive for Ltress Patreon members

post at Ltress Patreon 

sunday 7th august (15:32pm UK time)  

"extremely silky extremely long hair on the sofa - hair played with - long silky braid folded - long ponytail smoothed etc"

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 25th September 2022

10k followers.png

9999 to 10k followers clicked over this tuesday about 11am - very exciting to see !

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wednesday 20th july (14:12pm UK time)  

"3 girls - long straight silky hair - frollicking !"

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 6th September 2022

JULY 18th post at Ltress Patreon 

saturday 16th july (16:10pm UK time)  

"huge video selection of some of the worlds most beautiful long mega-silky hair twisted and dropped from the back"

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 31st August 2022


coming up at Ltress Patreon soon

next update monday 18th july - likely to be a bit late on wednesday

updates every 6 days after that

ltress "DAILY" for June (about 60%) complete - HUGE update 

(Ltress DAILY July will be early August )

Extreme Allure (Edition 3) before 10th August (about 30% complete)

Echo - everything moving :)


Ltress "DAILY" June 2022 added today (31st July 2002) at 13:08 exclusive for Ltress Patreon members

LATEST post at Ltress Patreon 

sunday 24th july (22:32pm UK time)  

one of the worlds most beautiful waist length hair 

some parts of some videos are absolutely BREATHTAKING !

14 selected images 

41 small sample videos -  yes 41 !

joined together  to make one 6 minute video

all showing the mane being tossed 

many showing her totally straight long ponytail being tossed about - absolutely gorgeous

her 3 social medial links

the video has taken over 8 hours to collect and edit

to show her mane off to perfection use has been made on
each clip ....

combination of 

panning and zooming
selecting only highlights
each one with an individual slow setting to suit the action
positioning (keeping her hair in the centre - essential with crop and pan and zoom)
adjust saturation 


also a new exciting opportunity announcement by the model explained

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until 11th September 2022


#ltress has almost 1 MILLION views at Ltress' Tiktok 

and .....................................


.............. as of 22 july 2022 Ltress has uploaded 3775 videos !!!

with sound

no sound

no sound

secondsamplewith bagwithshadow.png

next at Ltress Patreon - due monday 18th july


Irina's MAGNIFICENTLY trimmed hair


the 9905 followers was the figure a 10:33 am saturday 16th july 2022

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