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Ltress.UK   ..........     August  2023 
this august edition is still being designed

saturday 29th July 16:50 ALL Ltress exPatreon members have been sent the first GOLD CLUB Edition (contains 12 updates!)

red ribbon beauty copy.png
ltress ai 17 july.png

those that have never been Ltress Patreon members can join the GOLD club for 1 year simply by purchasing Ltress videos from the Ltress shop


to a value


over £16 (any purchase after 1st January 2023 count)

(increasing to £24 after 31 september 2023)

you will then start receiving the Ltress GOLD Club magazines via email

Edition 1 will be emailed to you within 1- 4 hours

(UK time 9am to 8pm)

100 AI long ponytails FREE

14 videos mega beautiful long silky hair = FREE

6 videos magnificent long thick silky hair being flicked - FREE

10 videos of one of the most beautiful head of long hair ever seen £1.75 

9 videos of silky thick longer than waist hair being touched - quite SENSATIONAL £4.85 (DEFINATELY WORTH IT !!!)


 8 videos long hair beautiful eyes - mega sexy - FREE

23 voluptuous AI girls -FREE (mega sexy)

28 videos of UNBELIEVABLE silky very long hair

(never seen before + plus where to find her material £2.80 (outside of the GOLD Club it would be £12 - it took 1 week to produce !)

beautiful hair of UNSEEN  chinese girls long ponytail  flaunted  - FREE

Irina "sun and wind" 50% OFF voucher

HU DI UNSEEN - long lost video "2nd video of her with hair over 1 eye £3 EXCLUSIVE to the GOLD CLUB

9  videos of one of the best almost floor length hair ever seen - and quite rare plus links to her material - FREE

there will be 8 Gold Club Editions from July 2023 to June 2024

each will contain between 12 and 16 updates !!!

each update is the equivalent to 1 old Ltress Patreon update !

thats over 100 updates !!!

50-75% FREE the rest with minimal costs

longhair beauty AI generated Ltress Gold Club BLONDE  230823.png
longhair beauty AI generated Ltress Gold Club 230823.png

222 AI beauties generated by Ltress

Exclusive to the GOLD Club shop in the 2nd Edition (approx 16 september)  £3 ($3.82)


shown recently for Ltress Patreon members

(Ltress Patreon has been replaced by the FREE GOLD Club)

tia double knots at payhip.png

please note

from October 

past Gold Club Editions will be available

for new members

at £12 each

single line.png


tia longest length 9 images PAYHIP -c.png
single line.png
long blonde hair beauty queen ai generated ltress 02.png
long blonde hair beauty queen ai generated ltress.png
ai girl high hair ltress 02.png
brazilian03 ltress.png
brazilian04 ltress.png
brazilian01 ltress.png
longhair for wix ltress 02.png
longhair for wix ltress 01.png
banner ltress gold club start - b.png

for details how to join please see July 2023

single line.png
banner ltress longhair beauties start - c.png
single line.png
banner floor length and beyond -a.png
ltress tiktok.png
banner ltress shop start a.png

THANKYOU for visiting Ltress ! 

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