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Ltress.UK   ..........     July 2023 

next Edition approx 15th August 2023

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Ltress GOLD Club Edition 1 contents

100 AI long ponytails FREE

14 videos mega beautiful long silky hair = FREE

6 videos magnificent long thick silky hair being flicked - FREE

10 videos of one of the most beautiful head of long hair ever seen £1.75 

9 videos of silky thick longer than waist hair being touched - quite SENSATIONAL £4.85 (DEFINATELY WORTH IT !!!)


 8 videos long hair beautiful eyes - mega sexy - FREE

23 voluptuous AI girls -FREE (mega sexy)

28 videos of UNBELIEVABLE silky very long hair

(never seen before + plus where to find her material £2.80 (outside of the GOLD Club it would be £12 - it took 1 week to produce !)

beautiful hair of UNSEEN  chinese girls long ponytail  flaunted  - FREE

Irina "sun and wind" 50% OFF voucher

HU DI UNSEEN - long lost video "2nd video of her with hair over 1 eye £3 EXCLUSIVE to the GOLD CLUB

9  videos of one of the best almost floor length hair ever seen - and quite rare plus links to her material - FREE


from Edition 2 in approx 6 weeks "mainly mauve"

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banner ltress shop start a.png

£2.85 plus VAT (local taxes) total $3.73 

banner ltress TEMPTRESS - e.png

THANKYOU for visiting Ltress ! 

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