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volumised hair for ltress uk april 2022 left.png
Ltress.UK   ..........     april 2022     -    May and June Edition soon !
EVERY video and image is saveable

SATURDAY 25 JUNE 2022 at 20:13pm

Finally  may's DAILY is ready !

6 wix pages

featuring some of the greatest long hair in the World 

with links and discussion

its been a HUGE project !!!

and is far bigger than the old DAILY that was free from Ltress

ie see


"DAILY" is now excluse for Patreon members only



the good news is that all the content for JUNE DAILY has been collected 

so JUNE DAILY should be ready about 10th July

also about 15th JULY EXTREME ALLURE version 2 will be ready


the normal Patreon update is running late because of DAILY but will be ready on Monday


volumised hair for ltress uk april 2022 right.png

Ltress Patreon update added

Monday  20th June 23:40 pm

2nd part of a double update for 18th June

Ltress Patreon update added

SATURDAY  18th June 22:10 pm

Ltress' model XiaoLing (10 minute video)

patreon update monday 13th June at 1am

the gorgeous Echo from Ltress Tiktok 

very funny

the may Edition of Patreon "DAILY" is delayed until after the Queens Platinum Jubilee - ie until

monday 6th June

it is 80% ready now and is much larger than the "old DAILYS"

ie see  February 2002

there are many more videos 

sorry for the delay

Ltress Patreon update added

monday 6th June 22:51 pm

11 minutes floor length beautifully shown by  model extremely proud of her mane

coming up in June for Patreon members

an original tape of Penny Lyn has been found

she was one of the original long hair models

she was very  popular on the forums and very friendly

she modelled for Ltress and number of times and later for Playboy !


Ltress "Daily" the late May edition on June 6th

Ltress "Daily" the June  edition approx 28th June

Extreme Allure Bonus edition 2 on 25 June

(strictly for members who are members on Thursday June 23rd)

and of course the normal updates every 6 days

the VAST output from Ltress is going into Ltress Patreon

hope to see you there ! 



Ltress Patreon update added

tuesday 31st May 15:46 pm

Massively silky thick floor length hair flaunted both standing and with her hair down the back of the chair to the floor and beyond - part 2


next edition of Patreon is in 6 days time 

ie monday 6th june


a lot of chat

Patreon update added 

wed 25 may at 23:34pm


Sanwei brushes Rose's gorgeous bob - Rose brushes Sanwei's mane - 6 minutes - original sound

video has been stabalised 

Sanwei introduced Rose to me (they were at the same London college)

her Bob was done in an exclusive Japanese salon in London's Soho


that was great to watch (it wasnt filmed)

this was a FUN 2 girl videoshoot- both with totally different hairstyles but both mega beautiful !!


coming up

tuesday 31 may - massive amount of floor length hair - gathered up at the back of a chair - just stunning !


this is a BONUS  - not part of the regular 6 day updates

30 entries - 6 web pages - FULL of long hair beauty

many new links for you I hope - long hair you may never find

friday 24 june Bonus "EXTREME ALLURE Edition 2"

again, this is a BONUS  - not part of the regular 6 day updates

(there will be a new EXTREME ALLURE  every 8 weeks )

from Ltress Tiktok 

Ltress Patreon update added

thursday 19th May 20:46 pm

Tia unseen "twin tails" 7 minutes 32 seconds  - BEAUTIFUL !



ltress DAILY (now exclusive to Ltress Patreons is due towards end of May

it will be much larger than when on the front page of Ltress and often features more than 1 models video on the day in question

next Patreon is due on wednesday 25 May "Sanwei plus Rose together" (Rose with the beautiul bob cut)

patreon update .......

friday 13 May at 23:45pm

wang wenwens beautiful longhair modelled in 2011 in the same salon that later would video so much material featuring HuDi

video is 12 minutes with original sound

part 2  -  15 minutes long will be in June

making a total of 27 minutes of highlights !

12 minute video


 latest post at Ltress Patreon 

saturday 7th may (0:14am UK time)  

extremely long vietnamese straight ponytail - ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ! -  7 minutes 20 seconds

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until  25th june 2022

each Ltress Patreon is unique and is NEVER repeated

the next Edition of Extreme Allure (Edition 3) will be ready approx June 10th  (6 wix pages - equivalent to 6 Patreon updates) 

its free to all Patreon members in who are members in both May and June 

thursday 28th April 21:30pm the late 25th April just added - 17 minute video - a gorgeous long ponytail !! (unknown model)

next Patreon  sunday 1st may - 

early may is the longest silkiest high ponytail (straight to the floor) swishing aound on a TV show

girl is a beauty queen and the footage is just unbelievable

news 19:54pm  sunday 1st May  - emails have been sent out 

EXTREME ALLURE Patreon BONUS Edition 2 will be ready sunday 1st May

access will be sent out by EMAIL not patreon

please note EXTREME ALLURE is always delivered by email NOT by Patreon

(6 wix pages - the equaivalent of 6 patreon updates at once !)

exceptional BEAUTY !!!  inside

NOW READY !!!! (sunday 24 april)

next patreon update  "touch"

4 wix pages - 19 videos ! - one of the best  updates ever - BY FAR

it took 3 days to produce this update !!!


will be ready sunday 24th april


the May 2020 edition is proving popular

(for obvious reasons !!)

well worth popping over there 

Debra Jo Fondren May 2020 | ltress

Echo - early years

her long hair swinging about at 1:05  !!

rapunzel long blonde hair april 2022  ltress v2.png

13th april Patreon now ready ! (thursday 14th april)

Ltress Patreon Saturday 9th April now uploaded -11:55pm

HuDi outside - 10 minute video - sample 

countdown to "HuDi ponytail pull" leaving Ltress Patreon

see March 2022

 latest post at Ltress Patreon 

tuesday 5th  april (11:18am UK time)  

long very silky hair loose along her back, flaunted while standing, ponytail and a very thick long braid - stunning and very flirty model (unknown model - video 6 minutes)

next post  -saturday 9th April 2022

strictly, available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until  23rd May 2022

 post at Ltress Patreon 

friday 1st april  (20:26pm UK time)  

Ltress Patreon Edition 83 .........Beautiful video from Ltress' past

Hong in the Salon - hair being styled - mega cute  (10 minutes 27 seconds)

available at Ltress Patreon for 7 weeks until  20th may 2022

each Ltress Patreon is unique and is NEVER repeated


wherever possible I give a lot of information about the models and the scripts and the videoshoots at Ltress Patreon - here is a sample

Ltress DAILY

Ltress daily is now exclusive for Patreon members ONLY











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