Ltress' brand NEW TikTok
.............. Ltress_Temptress

Links to 28 hours (yes HOURS !) of Echo's social media videos over at the 

September Edition


Ltress Gold Club Edition 2 ready mid January


November Edition

Echo - 2 mins 45 seconds 

over 1/4 million views !

I am trying to get the VIEW COUNT much higher !

I am asking a BIG FAVOUR !

to help with Ltress' marketing

please view Jane Zhang's video below

thanks from Roger

this is NOT an endorsement of Huawei !!!  - there are problems with Huawei 

but the USA and the UK have greatly restricted their activity (in UK thanks to Boris) phasing them out over time

This is ALL about future long hair Chinese beauties modelling for Ltress (see below)

for a VIEW to COUNT on youtube

please watch at least 45 seconds - or just watch it all - its been made with a HUGE budget!

your help would be greatly appreciated - THANKS  from Roger, Ltress, London

Chinese long hair models at Ltress

you may already know the song in English from Delacey - Dream it Possible

Hu Di

In order to communicate better with the Chinese Salons I am trying to learn Mandarin (I am finding it difficult)

virtually no words are similar to English

Hanbaobao is the exception 

try to work out what it means :)

(omg ! I am so NOT not learning the Chinese Characters !!!)

I have added the English subtitles to the famous video with Jane Zhang 

(It was quite a lot of work!)

(notice I have plastered "roger" all over it -

else my hard work will be stolen !)

out of interest  ....China bans most western websites inside china

they ban .............



Tiktok (western) version



google maps



but do they ban Ltress - or the BBC ?

99.99% of the girls in the world can't sing like this

it happens at 0:28 seconds





Jane Zhang has an AMAZING voice and was discovered on the Chinese Equivalent of "The X-Factor"

audience 400 million !!

she also sang at the Beijing Olympics

Jane Zhang in front of Oprah Winfrey and Simon Cowell

- no pressure there then !

Chinese long hair models at Ltress

I will regularly add highlights videos of the early Chinese models at Ltress on Instagram and  TikTok


you will most likely know the "whistle register" from Minnie Riperton's "Loving You"

this may come as a BIG SUPRISE to you !

the Foundation run by his wife has the goal of eradicating 

ALL the Disease


ALL the World

by 2099

(even if it doesnt happen its a GREAT GOAL !)

$45 BILLION !!!

videos below are in a similar fashion to "TikTok" 

DONT click

set the first video playing by HOVERING over it

then move mouse just to the right of the video

then scroll up

hover over the video - move mouse off the video



please make sure you have watched this video - it is important to me, thanks from Roger, Ltress London

THANKS for visiting Ltress !

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