September 2020
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涩涩  echoo210 ltress echo210 tiktok instagram
echo 涩涩 echo021ltress chinese girl
extreme beauty !
the repeat is bigger
the repeat is bigger

such skilful placing of that mirror !

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people have to get out of the way when she's showing herself off !

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that red is mesmerising !

(now I understand the trouble bulls have)

1.16 those tourists must have been a bit surprised what was going on in the middle of the road - most likely they DON'T UNDERSTAND the pressure a beautiful Chinese girl is under with regards to Chinese streaming  .........

weibo v.qq TikTok yaojiwu bilibili etc etc etc

ALL got to be constantly fed


she comes out the men's toilets at 1:16 


at 1:35 I think someones put the arrow the wrong way round ! - wasn't me

echo210 echoo210 ltress


echo echoo210 tiktok echo210

her name echo      echo0210

google image search the chinese name above

(there is no problem cutting and pasting Chinese characters into Google search)

brings up LOTS of images of her (and video links)

on any comments on social media please say you discovered Echo on Ltress (if it's true that is !)

echo210 echo echoo210 instagram

waist length long hair here

at 0:27 you may be thinking she can't dance

at 0.30 you maybe think -  "maybe she can ?"



music near the very end by Bila Candy from Indonesia 

- has a Gabrielle feel about it

12M views just for LYRICS !

ltress echo210 echoo210 chinese beauty tiktok instagram long hair echo 涩涩 echo021
echo 涩涩 echo021  ltress long hair longhair

Hu Di -  ANOTHER chinese extreme beauty

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