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Katarina's beautiful long blonde mane !


SUPER shine !

just added ! (from vs366)
in the last 28 days Ltress has had 83681 views at youtube  (not counting the "longhairpassion" channel)
latest update - sunday 23rd april 2017 (see OVERFLOW page 1)
4 previous editions in the archive

Leanne (leanne22) - owner of a stunning  long blonde mane !

Hu Di - all hair and single braid down 1 side
longer version in the playlist

(to make bigger - pop over to youtube)

STUNNING long blonde hair !
if you wish, set the music playing on either of these 3 youtube videos  while you browse the page - beautiful !
with CONTROLS ! - don't get that in Instagram !
LTRESS has many videos on a page
- it is very DATA INTENSIVE
- it is therefore not suitable for MOBILES unless connected to Wifi

try this if you can - takes a bit of skill

set the video above playing on a PC or laptop with a good sound system

also play it on your mobile (only if you got free wifi!)

heres the skilfull bit

get them in sync by rapidly pausing and playing the one that's ahead

when right, you will get a wonderful echoing effect - well worth trying for

maybe easier to move the PC or laptop video ahead

use PC or laptop (ie not the mobile) to keep pausing and playing

if your broadband buffers you are not going to achieve this 

- ring up and complain :)

instagram - the STUNNING Elena Gorodechnaya 
barbara - oliveiraaa - breathtakingly beautiful extremely long hair - beautifully shown !
image below can be magnified
image below can be magnified


Ekaterina Koba STUNNING BEAUTY !

image below can be magnified
Dinara's  Instagram - 303k followers !
the stunningly beautiful Dinara Rkh
- beautiful beyond waist length hair too !
the videos below in Wix's newest grid  - here's how they work....  
hover over the video play button  
you must then MOVE AWAY !  
be careful not to "fire off" another video as you are moving "out of the way" :)   
only 1 video plays at a time  
if a video is paused by this method -  
it remembers where you left off when you return - clever !  
double click to play a video (or view an image) in a separate FULL SCREEN   
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